• JCHS Junior-Senior PROM
    Date:  March 28, 2020

    Time:  8pm-11pm

    Location: Idlewilde Event Center

    at Indian Springs State Park

    Theme:  A Party at Gatsby's


    Crowning of Prom Queen and King at 10:30pm

    Fine Print: 


    Eligibility to attend:

    Students who are academically considered juniors and seniors are invited to attend.  However, an invitation does not automatically indicate eligibility to attend. Students must have paid their junior dues (currently $35), have a good attendance record, and good behavior record.  Students also must not have any outstanding financial obligations to the school.  See the student handbook  (pages 12 & 28) for details. Juniors and seniors may bring guests from other grades or schools with some restrictions.  If the guest is a JCHS student, behavior and attendance requirements are strictly enforced. (No guest form is required for JCHS students.) No middle school students are allowed.  No adults over age 20 are allowed. If your guest attends another high school, or is not in school, a guest form must be completed. Guest forms are available outside of room 416 at JCHS or you may click HERE to print a copy.  You may not buy a ticket for your guest until the guest form is completed and signed by an administrator from JCHS.



    The prom is a formal event.  Students are expected to dress appropriately.  See the student handbook for more details.   

    Prom Dress Code

    Additionally, we encourage parents who attend the presentation of seniors to dress at a level of business casual.  Please no sweatpants, pajama pants, etc.


    The prom is a student event.  Parents of underclassmen are not allowed.  Parents of seniors are invited for the presentation of seniors only and are expected to leave the premises immediately following the presentation.



  • Ticket Information:

    Tickets are on sale before or after school ONLY and may be purchased in room 416.  You may pay with cash or check until March 13.  Starting March 16, tickets are cash only.


    In order to plan appropriately, we encourage students to buy their tickets early.

    For the month of February through March 6, tickets are $40.00 each.

    Tickets bought from March 9 -20 will be $70 each.

    After March 20, tickets will be $90 each, cash only.