Class Expectations

  • Important information for class:


     I have 5 basic expectations in my classroom.  These are found on my syllabus.

    1.  Be engaged

    2.  Come to class prepared

    3.  Do your best

    4.  Show respect for yourself and others

    5.  Ask for help when needed


    In addition to these basic expectations, students will find a visual reminder of a hand with a checkmark, a heart with a check mark, and a brain that is open and ready to receive new information.  It is my hope that these visual reminders will help students remember to check their hands and keep them to themselves  (Don't bother other students materials, if it isn't yours leave it alone):  Be kind ( respect yourself and others); and finally Be open to learn new things (you don't have to like it or agree with everything).


    You should find these basic expections and visual reminders are closely aligned with the PBIS 4R's (Responsible, Respectful, Ready to learn, and Role Model).  We will spend the first few days reviewing the PBIS expectations with activities to reinforce these positive behaviors that will ensure student success at JCMS.