Using Google Hangouts Meet

This video is mainly for Teachers; however, it does show how a student accesses a meeting from Google Calendar. More videos coming...

Do's & Don'ts of Webcam Etiquette

A little humor on a serious subject. The key thing to remember here is YOU ARE VISIBLE TO ALL. Most mics are really sensitive so every little pen click, throat-clearing and cough will be picked up and for that moment in time, you are front and center. MUTE yourself while the presenter is talking and have some rules established on who gets to talk when. Also, students, your teachers are most likely recording the Hangouts Meet.

Chromebook Accounts

Learn about adding your Google account to a Chromebook.

Get Started with Your Chromebook
Update *04/16/20* New information added to this help document. Check it out!

ClassLink, Classroom and More

Learn about how to sign a student on to ClassLink then access the new Google Apps Dashboard and Google Meet