• Enrollment Windows for JCCS Students - (see your counselor for a referral)

    1st Quarter - August 11-August 24, 2021

    2nd Quarter - October 13-26, 2021

    3rd Quarter - January 4-18, 2022

    4th Quarter - March 15-28, 2022


    Who May Enroll?

    Any 6th through 12th-grade students who live in Jasper County may apply to Jasper County Virtual Academy - tuition-free. Presently, we are not accepting out-of-county students.

     JCCS STUDENTS - contact your school counselor

     Please note: Online learning is NOT for everyone. It requires a great deal of self-discipline and self-monitoring, which are common characteristics of independent learners. Additionally, a cohesive partnership between parents, students and our staff is essential. Online classes also require a great deal of reading and interacting with staff through the use of webinars and emails. Please take time to consider your options carefully.

    If you feel JCVA is the best option for your student or students, complete the following steps...


  • Application Process

    Accepting Applications for the 2021-22 School Year during the first 10-days of each quarter

    (JCHS Students - See Mrs. Cox or Mrs. Sills; JCMS Students - See the counselor then follow steps 2-4)

    To begin the process for admission to the Jasper County Virtual Academy (JCVA), interested candidates should complete the (1) Contact your counselor 2) Students complete the Readiness Questionnaire (located in the box above this one)  (3) Parents make an appointment to meet w/ JCVA administrator then 4) complete the online application. After the four steps are completed, if the student is accepted into the program, parents/legal guardians will receive a Welcome Letter and an email explaining the next steps.

    If you are currently enrolled in a Jasper County Charter System school OR on HHB (Hospital Homebound), complete the Jasper County Virtual Academy Application for Current Students.

    If you were not  enrolled in a Jasper County Charter System school, please complete the Jasper County Virtual Academy Application for New Students.

    Please email Dr. Angela Gordon (agordon@jasper.k12.ga.us) - if you have additional questions or call (706-468-6350).