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School Governance Teams

A charter system is a local school system that is operating under the terms of a contract between the local Board of Education and the State Board of Education as provided by the Charter Systems Act.

A charter system provides the opportunity for teachers, administrators, parents, school boards to have greater flexibility to determine the educational needs of students within their district, and requires a certain degree of school level governance in the system. 

A School Governance Team (SGT) works collaboratively with the school leadership to offer input into certain decision-making processes.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities of an SGT:

  • Shares in school decision-making.
  • Acts as ambassador for the school
  • Provides input into a school's budget
  • Provides input into personnel and allocations
  • Participates in the principal selection process.
  • Provides feedback on school improvement process
  • Evaluates progress on the school improvement plan
  • Recommends waivers to enhance flexibility 
  • Provides input into operations

SGT Membership For Each School