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District and School Report Cards

The Annual Report Card contains test results as well as other information relevant to school performance toward the goals of student achievement and school completion. The Report Card is in compliance with both state and federal laws with respect to reporting requirements. GOSA partners with the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) to produce the K-12 Public Schools Reports since much of the data comes from GaDOE. Additional data are collected by GOSA from other entities to provide a comprehensive view of schools, systems, and the state.

The Report Card includes school, system, and state level reports organized into six major sections:

  • Accountability
  • Current Georgia Assessments
  • Retired Georgia Assessments
  • National Tests
  • Indicators & Demographics
  • Personnel & Fiscal

Assessment results and other data are summarized at the school, system, and state level, and in most instances are disaggregated (when available) by different student groupings. These groupings are based on race/ethnicity, gender, disability, English proficiency, economic, and migrant status as required by state and federal law.