FBLA Group
  • FBLA members welcome Mrs. Mary Lou Jordon to the January meeting and present her a check for the ML&J Fund.


    Region Photo


    Congratulations to 2019 Winners from Region 14 Conference

  • Meeting Schedule   2019-20 

    Sept. 20                 Meeting in Theater

    Oct. 10                   Motivational Rally and State Fair - Perry, GA

    Nov. 1                    Meeting in Theater

    Nov. 13-14             Fall Leadership Conference

    Dec. 6                    Meeting in Theater

    Jan. TBA                 Region Conference - JCHS

    Jan. 24                   Meeting

    Feb. 21                   Meeting

    March 20-21           State Conference in Atlanta

    Mar. 27                  Meeting

    May 1                    Meeting

    June 29-July 2        National Conference