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Degrees and Certifications:

BS Biology Education Specialist Gifted Certified STEM Certified Certified Educator Grades P-12


I have been teaching science for 24 years.  For the past 8 years, I have been teaching biotechnology.  Biotechnology classes are taught on block periods allowing for extended time to complete laboratory explorations.  Students earn Essentials of Biotechnology credit at the end of the first semester and then continue to Applications of Biotechnology for the second semester.  Students who complete Introduction to Healthcare, Essentials of Biotechnology and Applications of Biotechnology are pathway completers.  Students who complete the biotechnology pathway and pass the industry test can enroll in the biotechnology research course. 

All students who are enrolled in biotechnology courses complete science fair projects.  Pictured is the 2020 science fair team.  On February 7, 2020, school was cancelled due to flooding.  This was the day of the Regional Science and Engineering Fair competition at Georgia College.  However, the JCCS transportation department mapped a safe roadway for travel and Georgia College delayed the fair so students from across the region could navigate safely to the competition.  Although students were not required to attend due to flooding, 87 JCHS students boarded the buses to compete!  This was an amazing day for science and testament to the character and motivation of JCHS students!  The team secured 14 first place projects in 2019! Way to Go! 

Biotech Video at JCHS

JCHS at Regional Science and Engineering Fair 2018

Group Photo of 2019 Regional Science Fair Team 

Group Photo of 2019 State Science Fair Team