Welcome to JCCS's Cloud Campus!

Jasper County Charter System Announces OUR Cloud Campus!

  • As part of our Digital Learning Days, this plan will allow the staff and students to recover instructional time lost due to school closures for inclement weather or other emergencies. We understand and realize that during a weather emergency that there could be problems accessing the internet due to power outages, etc. Therefore, we will use a combination of resources that will include some online activities and some that your child can complete without the use of technology and within a reasonable amount of time. 

    • Student attendance is not connected to the completion of work.
    • Teachers will post all assignments by 9:00AM.
    • Assignments will be vary by school. The times listed below include any assigned research, reading, and/or media.
      • PreK - 2nd Grade: 30 to 45 minutes
      • 3rd - 5th Grade: 60 minutes
      • 6th - 12th Grade: 2 hours
    • Students should begin working on their lessons as soon as possible. Student work for grades 3 - 12 is due five school days after returning to school.

    Teachers will communicate to parents and students details about their class' specific assignments. Teachers will have digital office hours for questions and assistance during the days that school is closed.

    Parents click on a link to the right for your child's school.

Parental Consent

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