STEAM Program at JCMS

    The Jasper County School System offers an innovative approach to increase student exploration, application, and evaluation through the development and use of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) methodology. The curriculum provides all students an opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of academic content and benefits the child by expanding the creative nature of learning and problem-solving.

    Middle school students experience authentic applications in math, science, and the Arts curriculum. Students have the opportunity to earn high school credits while in middle school in core content and CTAE courses. By giving students in middle school the chance to earn high school credits, they are afforded the option of pursuing more than one pathway at high school, based on their varied interests, and experience career opportunities through internships and work study.

    The incorporation of STEAM methodology provides a consistent means for students to experience hands-on exploration in both practical and relevant opportunities for application of creative problem solving skills. As students enter their high school years, having had these foundational learning experiences during their K-8 classes, they should be better able to apply their knowledge to real world experiences as they pursue career pathway goals.  Their background with the sciences will also better enable students to meet standard expectations and achieve greater academic success.