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Summer School at JCCS

Summer school will take place on the high school campus. Credit recovery is $75; initial credit courses are $100. For the first week of summer school (May 29th-31st) and on Mondays, students will need to arrange their own transportation to the middle school campus. Transportation from drop-off points in the county will be provided on the following dates: June 5th-7th, June 12th-14th, and June 19th-21st. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

All students are required to attend on campus for the first week of summer school. On Thursday of the first week, the summer school teacher will determine which students may work from home if they wish to do so. Otherwise, attendance is mandatory for credit if students are not meeting the daily expectations of the teacher. Student progress will be closely monitored. The teacher will make regular parent contacts for the duration of summer school.

Credit recovery work is due completed no later than midnight, Thursday, June 21st. Students who are working initial credit may continue to work from home and complete all work no later than midnight on Thursday, July 19, 2018.

To sign up, please contact the JCHS Counseling office at 706-468-5023.

Jessica Sills